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September 10, 2008

Oops. I forgot!

Thus far I have failed at updating this guy.  Sorry about that.  In my defense, we just got internet at my house last night!

Life has been awesome and hectic.  The Element student ministry kicked back off so I'm going to go hang out with those awesome people tonight for a bit.  We usually go to Tijuana Flats afterward to hang out and some
 of the girls are strong arming me into eating a cookie dough flauta.  I tried to find a picture but I couldn't.  It is a deep-fried wad of cookie dough wrapped in tortillas.  Grosssss.

Hair has been wonderful.  I have another shoot on Friday with the amazing Matthew Addington and model Natalia.

Man... so far this blog has been link-errific!

Loving lurking this salon in Seattle called Vain.  Check out their blog.  It looks sweet!

I'm pretty much loving this house so much. I'll leave you with some pictures that my roomie Jessica Abt took:

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Jeanne said...

Hey! That's my rock! And I spelled Faithfulness wrong :) Heh it's kind of cool, thought.