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February 24, 2009

Behind the scenes...

Here is a taste of the shoot from Sunday with Matt Addington (photography), Jenna Ricci (make up) and Anna Gemmati (model).

I had the opportunity to do the costuming for the shoot as well as the hair.
I made a mask out of fabric and fake flowers.

Anna's dress was actually a gown that I had from when I was ~15.
She is very small (duh, she's the model) so we had to improvise.

Jenna did a really great job with the make up!
The clip in Anna's hair is also something I designed for the shoot from cardboard, fabric, peacock feathers, gems and fake flowers.

The result was Foster Addington magic of course.
Hopefully I will have more photos to post soon but as of now, here you go:

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