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June 8, 2009

Clip-in extensions

A lot of people want extensions but feel that they are not affordable. There is a cheaper option available. I make custom clip-in extensions for my clients. Clients buy real human hair from a local hair store and bring it in with them for their extensions consultation. We then discuss the goal they are aiming for by getting the extensions and measure their head so that the extensions are completely customized just for them. We schedule an appointment for a week later to blend the extensions into the hair and so that I can teach the client how to put the extensions in and take them out by themselves.
These extensions last for years and can be worn everyday or just for special occasions. 100% real human hair extensions can be washed, curled, flat ironed and even colored.
I have a lot of requests for these from brides because they can have them in for their wedding day and take them out for their honeymoon.

The client buys the hair and then it only costs $120 for me to assemble them and blend them into the client's existing haircut. It ends up being less than a $200 process and it doesn't take 6 hours of the client sitting in the chair!!

Here are some pictures of real clients of mine that I have done with clip-in extensions:

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