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November 29, 2010

Christmas Wishlist.

When I was little my family would have me make a wishlist for "Santa". I would pretty much just copy everything from the Toys 'R' Us catalog onto a piece of paper. Now that I am an adult and I have finally realized that Christmas isn't about the gifts I'm a little pickier.  I have narrowed my list down to five items that I would love to write a review of for ShelbyDoesHair.com! :)

My beauty wishlist:

1) The Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer. Why? It is small and, from what I have heard, really powerful with a long cord and a two-year warranty. It will set you back a pretty penny, $159.99 to be exact. Get it here.

2) A Mason Pearson X-Large Mixed Bristle Hair Brush.  Why? This is the brush of the pros.  I have wanted one forever!  Order it here for $150.98.  This one is the largest, they also come in smaller sizes.
3) Bright Crystal Eau De Toillette by Versace.  Why? This is my favorite fragrance and I just ran out.  It is pretty but still bright and citrus-heavy.  I love it.  Macy's has a 3.4 oz bottle of it for $88.  Okay, you caught me.  I don't really want to write a review on this one! I just need a refill!  :)
4) Stay Don't Stray by Benefit Cosmetics.  Why?  Word is that this primer works for concealer and eyeshadow, preventing creasing and keeping your make-up in place.  It is only $24 on Benefit's website.  I haven't used it but I love everything I have ever tried by Benefit (I worked for them when I was in cosmetology school) so I am dying to try this primer!
5) The Herstyler Grande Baby Curl Clipless Curling Iron.  Why?  It is tourmaline ceramic, affordable AND it comes in a variety of cute colors!  I would love to try it and see if it really is all it claims to be! :)  Get it at Folica.com for $89.95.
 That does it for my beauty wishlist! What is on your list for this year?  What would you like reviewed?


Anonymous said...

i would love to have #5 ..they give just the right curls ,perfect for taylor swift curls:)
good choice !!!

PandaPower said...

I was curious as to how the brush (Mason Pearson X-Large Mixed Bristle Hair Brush) works so differently than others? Is it the material or spacing from everything. I think the perfume is a good idea for you, though. Smell is triggered by memory anyhow and should be a staple for others. I don't, just seems like an awesome gift either way.

wordsreversed said...

I would like the clipless curling iron to be reviewed as well. I love t-swift curls! Also, Benefits stay don't stray. I hear only good things about it, it primes eyeshadow AND concealer, helloooooo that sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

This website is great! I bought four of your suggested items, thanks so much.

Cristymarie said...

I'd love the Stay Don't Stray by Benefit! I love their make up. Not only do they have adorable and fun girlie packaging but the have a wonderful and creative make up line! This product paired with their Play Sticks cream to powder foundation create a smooth finish with a little BeneTint on cheeks and lips for a touch of color! Love! Nice choice!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to see the brush reviewed and see why it's so special. I've also heard great things about the clipless curling iron, so I would love to know if it would be easy to use for a novice like me.