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December 13, 2010

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils; Pure Gold, French Fries and LA Splash Mascara in Purple Splash.

LA Splash Mascara in Purple Splash:
      I have been on the prowl for a vibrant purple mascara for some time and have been let down by a few. However, Purple Splash did not disappoint when it came to vibrancy. It held its pigment even over my black lashes. It even made them look quite a bit longer. My only complaint has to do with its claim of being waterproof. It wasn't even eye-watering-due-to-cold proof. I would be scared to see what one would look like following a good cry. Yikes! Also, I wish that it was more volumizing.
     Overall, I really love this mascara and will be using it quite often, I am sure. This would be a great mascara for any brown-eyed lady who wants length and a punch of color!  It wouldn't be particularly great for someone with watery eyes/allergies or anyone with sparse lashes.  It comes in a variety of colors and you can get it here.

Purple Splash, French Fries and Pure Gold.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in French Fries and Pure Gold:
       I love these two colors together!  They have a slight shimmer and leave the eyelid looking dewy.  I used them for the look I had above.  I wouldn't suggest French Fries on its own unless you are looking for drama.  It is a dark bronze and could probably end up looking too dark if you are not careful.  Above I applied it to my crease first and blended it out, then applied a little more, followed by Pure Gold and blended them out once more.  The Pure Gold looks great by itself.  Use some sort of eyelid primer prior to application.  Above, I used the Painterly Paint Pot by M.A.C.  I would suggest NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils to anyone but I would urge those with cooler skin tones not to wear these particular colors.  You can buy them here.
I hope to reviewing more products from LA Splash and NYX soon! Let me know how you find these products!

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