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August 1, 2011

How To Find A New Hairstylist.

It can be very hard to find a new hairstylist to trust with your locks.  Often times people end up just searching Google randomly, get frustrated, quit and go to any random place where they may or may not get a good haircut.  Here are a few options:

1) Word of mouth.  Ask friends of yours that have great hair or stop people on the street if you admire their hairstyle.  I suggest this because your friends won't lie to you.  You will get a real, honest suggestion.  The downside is if you end up not liking the haircut it could make things awkward for your friend when they go back to their stylist.

2) Sites like Schedulicity or StyleSeat serve as stylist directories that you can search by city.  Usually, you can also book directly off of these websites.  I use Schedulicity so that clients can book with me 24/7.  I really feel like this is the way of the future.  You can find other services like massages and Yoga classes as well.

3) If you know of a product line that you really like you can always go to their website and search for a salon nearby.  Let's say you really love Davines.  Well, you can go to their website and go to their salon locator. Just type in your area and, voila, you have a list of salons that carry your favorite brand.

4) There are also hairstylist databases like SeekingStylists.com.  Check out my listing here.

5) If you really want to support your area then keep an eye out at the community boards and community tables in your local coffee shops and restaurants.  Stylists will often leave a stack of their cards at the places they frequent.

How did you find your stylist?  Share your story in the comments.

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