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January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR and lotsa' new music!

Happy 2009! My evening was awesome! I spent it being the designated driver for amazing friends Andrew, Sarah and Sean. We hit up a party and another party-of-sorts, searched for food at ~2 AM and danced to early 2000s rap.
The party I attended was the "I hate Oh-8" party but I didn't hate '08. It was pretty great to me. :)

New music-

Noah Gundersen's *Brand New World.
I really like this. The recording is definitely lower budget but "Moss On A Rolling Stone" and "Winter" are amazing songs with infectious melodies.
*Also check out Noah's live album, Noah Gundersen and the Courage, The Third Door.

Kings of Leon, Only By The Night.
Their single "Use Somebody" is one of my favorite songs on this album. I love the lead singer's voice. "Closer" is super eery but awesome. I use that word too much but seriously... awesome.

Punch Brothers, Punch.
The Punch Brothers is Chris Thile from Nickel Creek's new band. I was so heart broken when Nickel Creek broke up but this new project has redeemed him. I still miss Sara's voice but man... this is a good album. They're going to be in Gainesville in March and I am definitely going. I need to get my tickets.

I will sign off by leaving some New Years pictures:
Dancing with dear Claire. I am so glad she is home!
Lauranne and Theresa being adorable! Theresa has some moves, watch out.
Sarah and Andrew, my favorite couple. I was so happy to ring in the New Year by getting lost forever with them!
Jeanne! Don't leave me!
Alecia approved this picture! ;)
Jenna Ricci! So glad she was actually in Orlando for New Years. She's hard to pin down sometimes!
Dance party '09!


This is my Bejeweled score!
And here is a shot from the Oasis show!

Okay! Goodnight for real!

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