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January 22, 2009

I've never seen Lost...

Tonight after the Element service a group of people were talking about Lost. I have never seen the show so I had no idea what in the WORLD they were talking about. Something about experiments, time travel, polar bears... Sounds like nonsense to me and the conversation confirmed why I have not watched it. Nonsense.

I worked on my portfolio some tonight while wearing my Starbucks apron from when I worked there six years ago.

Cristina, Jen and I watched the Zach Galifianakis comedy dvd last night. Jen didn't know what an "Ernest" movie was or what Zach was talking about when he eluded to Lorena Bobbitt. I felt extremely old.

The "Ernest" joke is in this clip:

This isn't on the DVD. Skip to the clip with the kids. It is at about 2:50.

I love stand up comedy and I cannot wait for PDX!!!!

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