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January 23, 2009

LAN PARTY! Not really...

Tonight was a good night. I went to Praxis and we discussed the difference between dualism and holism and living a holistic lifestyle.

I hung out with the fabulous Jessica Wheel (along with Whitney Brammer for a bit) in her room for a while and later I was massacred by Sonny, Matt and Guilherme while playing Age of Empires 3. It was really upsetting because I worked so hard to build up my colony and in one swoop Sonny destroyed me. I then came home and hung up laundry.
Now I am going to bed.

Tomorrow I get the privilege of working. I love my job. Also, I get the privilege of lunching with Jeanne who is leaving for Australia soon. I will miss her. A year is a long time. :(

Apple stock is actually soaring since last year. Weird. They're probably one of the only companies seeing that kind of growth.

guten nacht.

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