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January 25, 2009

Sunday stuff...

My bffl is on a road trip. I hope all is safe!

Jess is rearranging the magnets on our fridge.

I woke up this morning to my dog running out of the door and I couldn't run after her because I wasn't dressed. I got dressed at the speed of light and ran down the street after her. I wasn't wearing shoes so my feet still hurt!!
Jubilee is insane. She has caused a fender bender in traffic and walked away unscathed. My neighbor grabbed her. Thank goodness! **Thank you Jess for loving Jubilee and knowing what a big deal things like this are to me. I appreciate you.**

I have a jailbroken iPhone and last night I restored it improperly and had a very expensive brick for over an hour. I pwnd it though. Don't worry. LoL. I am not being clever. That is really what it is called. It is working a-ok now. :)

Plans for today:
  • Brother's birthday party.
  • Element in-house (house church).
  • Status (church).

Here are some sweet blogs to check out that I read:

  1. Jessicabennettphotography.blogspot.com - This is my roommate who is also an amazing photographer and friend. I love her.
  2. DanaMarieRoque.blogspot.com - Dana Marie is one of my favorite people and she just got an amazing haircut! So beautiful!
  3. thekatedarling.blogspot.com - My friend Kate, one of my closest friends, is an incredible woman and an incredible writer. She posts excerpts from her work on this blog.
  4. cheryldawnphotography.blogspot.com - I have known Cheryl since high school. She is also an extremely talented wedding photographer and has a beautiful heart. She is moving to Nashville soon and abandoning me though.
  5. roaddonkeytails.blogspot.com - Daniela is my Swedish friend that lives in Palestine helping people. She has an amazing heart.
  6. pinapplesaurus.blogspot.com - My friend Jenna. A creative, strong woman who has recently moved to Saint Augustine with her awesome husband.
  7. jeanners21.blogspot.com - Jeanne. She is moving to Australia soon! Don't leave me! Watch her adventure unfold!
  8. valueofsparrows.blogspot.com - My other roomie Jen. She is in school for acupuncture and loves turtles... a lot... a LOT! :) We are in the same house church.

Have to run! Enjoy!

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