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November 14, 2010

Beauty Pros To Follow On Twitter! Check Them Out!

     I love Twitter.  I think it is a great tool for networking, marketing and keeping in touch with people who are normally hard to keep in touch with.  I know there are nay-sayers but I love it.  I decided to encourage some fellow beauty professionals to join the Twitter-sphere by posting some of my favorites to follow on Twitter.  Check them out and be inspired to start your own Twitter (and make sure to follow me)!:

1) @ShelbyDoesHair: I post about all things hair as well as living in Chicago with my husband and my dogs
2) @MopsBeautyShop: This is the fabulous Logan Square, Chicago salon that I work at
3) @BumbleandBumble: Keep up to date on Bumble's trends and great new ways to use their products
4) @JohnnyLavoy: Salon owner and Ford stylist, king of the how-tos and stylist extraordinaire
5) @MrbillyB: Makeup artist to Lady Gaga, Pink and many more, he posts tons of behind the scenes photos from his shoots
6) @SarahPotempa: Session stylist who has done everyone's hair and I mean EVERYONE
7) @BethMinardi: Haircolor genius and guru who doesn't stick to one color line, regularly featured in every hair magazine there is
8) @TedGibson: Owner of Ted Gibson Salon and he's famously in love with L'oreal Professional
9) @KimbleHair: Does Beyonce's hair, enough said.
10) @BABAKca: This photographer shoots a ridiculous amount of NAHA winning photos
11) @InStyle: InStyle Magazine
12) @ModernSalon: Modern Salon Magazine
13) @AmericanSalon: American Salon Magazine
14) @HairOnTheBrain: Blog is full of great hair ideas
15) @TiffanyLD: Makeup artist with a ton of youtube how-to videos and reviews, learn to replicate your favorite celebrity's eye make-up and what makeup products you must have
16) @HairbrainedME: Hairbrained.me is a social networking site for beauty professionals, follow them to be readily updated about exciting things happening on the website

If you decide to join and follow me, @ me and I'll give you a shout out! And maybe you will be featured in my next "who to follow" post! :)

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