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November 15, 2010

Guest Blogger, Make-Up Artist Dena Miller Raves About Peach Blush

My dear friend, make-up artist and esthetician Dena Miller is guest blogging about peach blush! Read on to learn what her favorite peachy rouges are and where you can get them!

"I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do with make up is contouring. I love it because you can change facial shapes and bring dimension to the face. Blush is a current obsession, peach blush to be more precise. I can't even begin to write down how many blushes I've purchased lately. I admit, it's an obscene amount. Anyways, my blush obsession occurred while at work at Ulta recently.
A self-portrait of make-up artist Dena Miller wearing Peaches by M.A.C.
Model Jenn Phillips wearing Peaches by M.A.C. Photo: Casey Vange.
Julia Roberts wearing peach blush. Photo: unknown.
I was at work, helping a guest pick out a blush. I asked her what she wanted from her blush, a common question, but today was the day that changed my life forever. She told me that she wanted the blush to look natural, youthful, and I looked at her complexion, pretty pale, even toned, she just needed a little life. I went over to LORAC because they are my favorite blushes at ULTA and chose one out of the four. I thought I would try something a little different for a change. I grabbed a peach blush and applied a little and that was it. I was in awe. I thought, 'Peach blush is the most beautiful product ever created.'
Peaches by M.A.C.
Peachy by Lorac.
Coralista by Benefit.

What does peach do? I'll tell you! Peach blush warms up the complexion without looking over the top like some bronzers. The color compliments every skin tone, and it looks great when it is applied sheer, or with a heavy hand. Peach blush is the first color I grab now, I can hardly keep it on the shelves anymore. I love Peachy by LORAC ($19), Coralista by Benefit ($28) and Peaches by M.A.C ($22).  Buy Lorac and Benefit at Ulta and pick up Peaches at any M.A.C. store.

Remember, before you reach for the typical pink, try peach. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. "

For more questions about skin care or make-up contact Dena Miller at DenaMillerMakeup@gmail.com or check out her portfolio here.

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