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November 30, 2010

Hot Rollers.

Remember when your mom used to style her hair with hot rollers and when she was finished she looked something like Heather Locklear circa 1992?  You know, the wings?
Like this?
Good news.  Hot rollers don't have to make you look like Miss Amanda Woodward.  (Melrose Place reference, anyone?)  Check out this tutorial to modernize the art of hot roller-ing (not a word):

I like these jumbo hot rollers from Jilbere. They create a soft wave as opposed to a curly q. Pick them up at Sally Beauty Supply for $36.99.
These say Babylist Pro on them but they are the exact same as the Jilbere brand ones.

1 comment:

Layla Smackdown said...

I'm nothing without my hot rollers. I walk my dog around the block with them in tied up under a scarf.