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November 16, 2010

Taylor Swift, How To Get Her Hair

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Taylor Swift has some of the most iconic hair in American media today.  It is almost impossible to find a picture of this girl having a bad hair day, it is that flawless.  Don't get discouraged though because Miss Swift wasn't born with such perfect hair.  She maintains a hair regime just like us mere mortals.  Taylor's curls are achieved by wrapping the hair around a curling iron as opposed to winding a curling iron around the hair.  Confused?  Don't be.  Lets break it down.

Taylor's natural texture.
The closest thing I could find for a "bad hair day" in recent history.

Naturally, Taylor has a very fine, frizzy texture.  Adding ringlets with a curling iron helps to enhance her volume and smooth out her frizz.  At times, Taylor also has extensions to add length and volume.  I don't know the exact products that Taylor uses but I would suggest starting with Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.  Once the hair is clean and towel-dried, spritz some Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray from root to end.  Then rough dry the hair to add volume.
The Thickening line by Bumble and Bumble.
Once the hair is completely dry, section hair using duck-bill clips that you can find at any beauty supply story.  I love the TS-2 Rubber Mini Mouth clips for all hair densities.
TS-2 Rubber Mini Mouth Clips.
Classic by Bumble and Bumble.
Does It All by Bumble and Bumble.
Now that the hair is sectioned, spray with your favorite styling spray (for curl-resistant hair use a finishing spray).  I love Does It All (styling spray) and Classic (finishing spray) by Bumble and Bumble.  Now, begin curl the hair by wrapping 1"x1" sections around a 1/2"-3/4" curling wand or curling iron (without using the clip).  Repeat throughout the entire head.  Break up curls as needed and set with Classic hairspray.  You should end up with something resembling this the pictures below (If you're still confused watch the video at the bottom of the post).  Once you get the hang of this it will take you no time at all to look as adorable as Taylor everyday!
Taylor's hair after using a curling wand.

Close-up of Taylor's curls.
If you're in need of a curling iron try the Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron in 3/4" or the
Cortex Professional 4 in 1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron.  Get them both at Folica.com.
Feel free to send me any follow-up questions and pictures of your results!  Watch the video below to learn how to make ringlets/waves using a Hot Tools curling iron.

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