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June 21, 2011

Maggie's Mommy Makeover

Maggie before #1. Excuse the low quality, taken with a cellphone.
Maggie before #2.
Maggie is a mom with 3-year old and a 7-month old boys who has little time for herself.  She admittedly hadn't had her hair cut or colored in about a year.  Her big 3-0 is coming up and she has resolved that it is time in life to pay more attention to her locks. 
Our cut-inspiration but above the shoulder and with a bang.
I wanted to give her something beautiful but still manageable for an on-the-go mom so after consulting, we decided to cut her hair above her shoulders so that she could chase her babies around without getting hot but could also look chic at the same time.  I gave her a brow-length V-bang so that when her hair is pulled back she can still look put together as well as the added bonus that she can now part her hair on either side.  I weaved in blonde highlights to brighten her up but also so that she would have a little more leeway in between needing to get into the salon.  I taught her how to blow dry her hair in record time using an Olivia Garden metal core brush and a nickel-size amount of Shaping Lotion from Enjoy Haircare.
Maggie After #1.

Maggie After #2.

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