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December 5, 2011

Current Obsession: Deva Curl.

     I have written before about how I am super anti Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and how it is terrible for you.  What I haven't mentioned is how I am actually allergic to detergents used in shampoo and how they make my scalp flake like crazy.  Growing up I thought I had dandruff so I would use dandruff shampoo but that just made it worse.  It has been a constant source of embarrassment.  Up until now I have been using Alojoba by Bumble and Bumble.  Although my reaction was not as strong to the Alojoba, I still had some flaking.
     I recently discovered Deva products.  I bought these little guys at Ulta to give them a whirl because their Deva Curl No-Poo (I feel weird saying that name.) is completely detergent free.  I used it and I love it and I have NO flaking!  Granted, there is zero lather but I don't mind.  They also have a low-detergent shampoo called Lo-Poo and a line of every day shampoos for straight haired ladies and gents called Deva Care.  I am mainly obsessed with the shampoos but I do really like their gel as well.  I have probably never, in the history of doing hair, used a gel on anyone other than when doing finger waves because I hate that crunchy, shellacked look that gel gives.  However, when I used Angel it was light and soft and did not look like I had product in my hair.  I was really pleasantly surprised.  I am hooked and will be sticking with Deva for my own personal use.

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