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October 13, 2008

All About Media

Some of my friends and I went to see Dave Barnes/Hanson play for my birthday and man... it was good! I know people are going to hate because it is Hanson and to that I say, "Watch this." That's them performing a song they wrote 11 years ago this year.

While we were at Downtown Disney I bought the new Jack's Mannequin album, The Glass Passenger. I have listened to it a few times and isn't growing on me. I am sad because I have been an Andrew Mcmahon fan since I was 15. I feel like the lyrics are pretty lame and don't really tell a story at all and the music just bores me.

On Wednesday I was watching that show called Split Ends with my friend Dana. That show is so ridiculously dramatic. Just know that being a stylist doesn't mean constant drama or at least it doesn't have to. I really dislike television for the most part. The only exception that comes to mind is The Office. I just don't understand "Reality Television". Life is so dramatic as it is. Why do we need to fill our mind with contrived drama? I feel like constantly being fed the idea that life has to be dramatic (in the negative sense) in order to be interesting has led people to cause drama when there is really no need for it. Life is already hard, we don't need to make it any harder.

I am done ranting. :)

I had a great week! My birthday was really fun so thank you everyone that celebrated with me. We went to this awesome restaurant off of New England in Winter Park called Hot Olives. It was so adorable and delicious.

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