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December 2, 2011

New Blog Categories.

Now that winter has rolled back around and it is getting dark at 5 pm, I have decided to devote more time to blogging again! That being said, I am going to start labeling my blog entries differently. They will be categorized as follows:
 • Current Obsession - These posts will be about products that I am loving, that I have purchased and were not given to me.
 • BTS - "BTS" will stand for "Behind The Scenes" and will be entries with cellphone photos that were taken during shoots, shows and while preparing brides/models for events.
 • Honestly - "Honestly" posts will be reviews about donated products. I promise that I will be honest about all products I review. :)
 • Wish List - These posts will feature items that are on my list to pick up and why I am excited about them.
 • Tear Sheet - These posts will feature work that I have done that has been featured in the media in some way (i.e., magazine, film or blogs)
 • Informative - If you have read my post about how to speak to your hairstylist about color or how to find a new stylist in your area then you know what I mean!
 • Tutorial - Last but not least, "tutorial" posts will be my how-tos that readers have loved in the past! Believe it or not, my how-to post about Taylor Swift is my most read entry ever!
 • Photoshoot - This covers headshots, family shoots, etc.
 • Wedding - Pretty self explanatory. ;)

 Happy reading and happy holidays!

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